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The Nelson Web Meetup is a bunch of folks doing stuff related to the web who meet up 8:00am every second Wednesday at Bridge St Café (111 Bridge Street, Nelson). There is also Nelson Web Meetup. 

Who's Welcome at the Nelson Web Meetups?

Everyone is welcome! But if you have a job that involves the internet you'll find a particularly interesting collection of human beings to share your experiences and ideas with.

The Nelson Web Meetup is attended by backend developers, user interface specialists, frontend developers, web architects, graphical designers, public relations experts, system administrators, hardware developers, security consultants, communication professionals, business analysts and many more.

Next Nelson Web Meetup

The next scheduled meetings are:

  • 23rd April 2014
  • 7th May 2014
  • 21st May 2014
  • 4th June 2014
  • 18th June 2014

Hang Out Online

We hang out online too. If you want to join this online group, just come to a meeting or signup and request membership on this page.

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