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Topics in Nelson Web Meetup
  Topic Posts Latest Post
  Welcome to the Nelson Web Meetup 2 Dan Randow at 10:07pm, Jan 28, 2014
Nelson Web Meetups Redux 10 Kent Fergusson at 8:50pm, Jun 25, 2018
Frontend Web Developer Wanted 1 Tama Easton at 12:51am, Jun 21, 2017
TONIGHT: The Internet of Things - how is it changing urban and rural life today and what is coming? 2 GigaCider at 11:02pm, Sep 12, 2016
The Internet of Things - how is it changing urban and rural life today and what is coming? 1 Kent Fergusson at 9:11pm, Sep 06, 2016
Nethui is coming! 3 Dan Randow at 12:57am, Aug 05, 2016
Changing the game - Business Intelligence and Social Media 2 Kent Fergusson at 9:33pm, Jun 28, 2016
Startup Weekend 1 Colin Fleming at 7:47am, Jun 21, 2016
Curry Thursday - Tommorrow 1 Kent Fergusson at 8:33pm, May 31, 2016
Nelson IITP - Curry Thursday 1 Kent Fergusson at 8:40pm, May 04, 2016
Bridge Street Cafe will be closed for renovations 1 Stewart Knapman at 10:50pm, Apr 19, 2016
Any webby-frontendy people out there looking for some jobs? 1 George Connor at 9:43pm, Dec 27, 2015
Snap is Dead, Long Live Snap 12 GigaCider at 12:04am, Oct 23, 2015
Internet in Action – step inside the internet 2 Dan Randow at 2:50am, Oct 12, 2015
Unscheduled interruption to Tech talk this thursday. 2 Dan Randow at 2:26am, Sep 17, 2015
PHP / MySQL gig 1 Dave Quested at 2:10am, Aug 21, 2015
Nelson Tech Talks:: Life in the Luminarium: Surveillance, Social networks and the XBOX connect. 2 Galen King at 12:21am, Aug 19, 2015
SEO freelance work 2 Slade Andrew at 8:57am, Aug 13, 2015
Future of the Nelson web meetup 4 Dan Randow at 10:41pm, Aug 03, 2015
Looking for Junior (Print) Designer 1 Tama Easton at 12:15am, Jul 29, 2015